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How I Work 

I work within a Psychodynamic/Psychoanalytic framework that looks at where an individual  is experiencing mental/emotional conflicts,  difficulty with unconscious patterns in life (e.g., "why do I keep finding myself in the same relationship over and over again"), and also how one experiences themselves both internally (i.e., how we view ourselves) and externally (i.e., how we perceive that others view us). The course of therapy is a guided journey into knowing ourselves and knowing what is deeply meaningful to us, so as to live a life that is more consciously attuned to our true Self. Through this work one discovers greater enjoyment in their relationships, work, and how they see themselves. 

The main focus of my work is centered around providing psychotherapy for adults, young adults, teens (and their parents), and couples. At times I do work with children younger than teenage years, but I take this on a case by case basis. I also do a lot of work fostering communication and understanding between parents and their teenage/young adult children, creating an atmosphere that respects the emotional process of both parties. 

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