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Depression & Anxiety

Feeling depressed can experienced in many different ways. From having the feeling of a low mood and lack of energy/motivation over many years wondering why life has to be so hard all the time?  To debilitating sadness, hopelessness, guilt, and feelings of not wanting to live anymore. In each of those cases there are real reasons why you have gotten to a place of feeling these things. In addition to depression, anxiety is something that is experienced by a lot of people, and yet the reasons for feeling anxious are often not known or easy to identify when reflecting on them, and can be very difficult to manage or even fully function. The process of psychotherapy can help to makes sense of both depression and anxiety and why these feeling states are present in your life. 

Personal & Intimate Relationships

Relationships are at the core of our human experience, whether with family, friends, or romantic partners. The desire within us to be meaningfully connected to another person is a powerful experience that can bring great love, joy, support, and deep intimacy in our day-to-day life. Through an exploration of your current and past relational experiences, what has historically been obstacles to connection and intimacy, and understanding your goals and desires, we will work together to ensure greater success in your ability to more effectively connect to others. 

Trauma/Complex Trauma

I work extensively with people who have suffered trauma on many different levels: from the more subtle and implicit developmental traumas (yet not less painful), to extensive and severe forms of mental/emotional, verbal, sexual, and physical abuse. Trauma may bring up feelings of shame, sadness, anger, rage, feeling unsafe, vulnerable, and the need to overly accommodate others at times, which can adversely effect the way we view ourselves and others. It is my goal to assist you in understanding your thoughts and feelings related to your own personal trauma experience, so as to undo its effects, and live a more and fulfilling life that is not burdened by painful emotions and behaviors.

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